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Discussion: Preparing for the summer workshop

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posted by: Margaret Small on May 4, 1998 at 6:03PM
subject: Getting ready
This is my first effort at regular contribution to a list. I am a member of
5 lists, but find myself mostly reading them. so I hope that the rest of you
will jump in and share your ideas about getting ready for summer.

I work in Chicago with the Chicago Secondary Mathematics Improvement
Project. We work with high school teachers using the Interactive Matheamtics
Program. This summer we are having one intensive workshop series that begins
this week and combines 21 hours of pre summer school workshops with 45 hours
during the summer. Teachers will teach in the morning and meet with others
in the afternoon. We are also offering four other week long workshops to
involve teachers who cannot commit to the whole month approach.

My major concern this year is how to support the development of teacher
leaders so that they can play an effective role in providing professional
development to their peers. I am a high school teacher myself, so I know
that the best professional development is often done by practicing teachers-

I would like any resources you ahve found helpful in working with techers
who are just starting to give workshops.

Hope to hear from everyone. Welcome aboard!

Margaret Small Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP)
Institute for Math and Science Education

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