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Discussion: Preparing for the summer workshop

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posted by: Melodee Davis on May 11, 1998 at 3:12PM
subject: LSC- Summer Workshops
I think I forgot to introduct myself the first time. I am Melodee Davis -- lead evaluator for the Atlanta ESEP project.
We realized during the first year of using lead teachers that there was a great deal of variation in the involvement and dedication of our SKIL teachers. After much discussion, a "contract" was designed. It was called a "levels of committment" contract. Even lead teachers had input in developing it. The contract allowed teachers to pick from 3 levels of involvement for the year. It was used for the second year with cohorts 1 and 2. However, we are still disturbed by what some of us call the lack of professionalism on the part of teachers in general.
What have ya'll tried?

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