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Discussion: Preparing for the summer workshop

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posted by: Gail Paulin on June 9, 1998 at 5:28AM
subject: Starting up
Having received our funding notice May 12,98 we are in the process of
scaling up our efforts with two types of introductions. The first is a one
day conference for our site facilitators. It will be held three times this
summer June,July and August, to accomodate teachers vacations schedules. Our
first one is June 24. We are pleased to have about 90 of the 94 K-8 sites
signed up to attend one of these sessions
The conference will explain our DESERT Project LSC and the expectations
for facilitators who will be paid over the year to attend monthly meetings
to address issues of need and concern at the site level related to science.

Our second conference is called PULSE (Principals Understanding Leadership
in Science Education) We have 40 principals k-8 signed up for the 2 day
conference July 29-30. They will do a short adult inquiry, they will view
tapes of science lessons and use Horizon's
5 point rubric to generate discussion of what effective science
instruction looks like. they will also be given a CBAM assessment and time
to learn about the LSC and to express their needs and concerns, to help us
formulate the years PD for principals.
Sorry I have taken so long to post, as you all may recall, starting up one
of these is rather hectic( & I suspect it doesn't get better as one goes
along. If anyone has suggestions for what one MUST be certain to include in
such start up sessions, welcome suggestions.

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