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Discussion: What have we learned so far about teacher enhancement and student learning from our experience running our LSCs?

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posted by: Ron Feinstein on January 28, 2000 at 11:03AM
subject: measuring effectiveness
At mid point in year two of our project we are asking serious questions
about both teachers' practice and students' understanding after teachers'
participation in these professional development opportunities. Certainly
the results from much of this work are impossible to quantify on a chart. A
great deal of time invested in less formal professional development
activities must also by its very nature go underreported. Even as we
compile the data for this report we recognize the necessity to begin in
earnest more definitive ways in which to measure the effectiveness of our
approach to reconceptualizing mathematics teaching and learning. With this
in mind we are presently investigating with our co-evaluators how we might
more efficiently utilize collected data by positing new questions alongside
what we know about teachers and their classroom practice both from
observations and standardized assessments of their students. These
components will assist us in the design of an instrument with which we could
better assess the effectiveness of the professional development
opportunities offered in our district. We are very interested in hearing
how other projects are utilizing alternate methods for measuring
effectiveness of their reform efforts.

Ronald Feinstein

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