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LSC Project Info

LSC-Net - Local Systemic Change Network

Joni Falk (Principal Investigator)
Brian Drayton (Co-Principal Investigator)
Lance Lockwood (Lead Staff)
Kathryn Hobbs (Lead Staff)
Liza Applebee (Lead Staff)
Soo-Young Lee (Lead Staff)
Shay Pokress (Lead Staff)
Jon Obuchowski (Support Staff)
Sue Beers
Liza Applebee
The project provides the structure, tools, and ongoing support for a web-based, interactive electronic community, LSC-Net. The target groups are the staff members and other stake holders in the LSC projects of all types, math or science, elementary or secondary. TERC facilitates and monitors the interactions as well as provides technical support.

LSC-Net provides an updatable, searchable database of all LSC projects and senior staff. In addition, LSC-Net augments the yearly Principal Investigator/Evaluator meetings by collaborating with Merck Institute for Science Education and Horizon Research, Inc. to provide preconference, conference, and post-conference activities.

The objectives of this project are to increase communication and collaboration within LSC projects and between LSC projects, to provide the structure and facilitation for LSC projects to record and share best practices, called nuggets, as they emerge, to enrich and the expand yearly PI/evaluator meeting, and to provide a mechanism for new LSCs to learn from "older" LSCs.

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Middle-School Curriculum Forum

Local Systemic Change Network: From Policy to Enactment

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