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Writing for Science, Science For Writing: A Study Of The Seattle Elementary Science Expository Writing and Science Notebooks Program

author: Laura Stokes, Mark St. John, Jo Fyfe
description: Elaine Woo shares a report written about the Expository Writing and Science Notebooks program created by the Hands-On Science In Seattle Public Schools, K-5 project. This work was presented at the NSTA Conference in San Diego in Spring 2002. This report is authored by Inverness Research Associates and it provides details about this program that may be of particular interest to those involved in science reform.

Abstract: "The Expository Writing and Science Notebooks Program is part of the Seattle Public Schools’ K-5 science initiative. The program is of interest because of its deliberate approach to improving the use of science notebooks for the twin goals of improving learning in science and developing expository writing skills. The program consists both of a curriculum for writing linked to the district’s science kits, and professional development workshops....For this study, we examined the extent to which participating teachers value the program’s curriculum and teaching strategies, and the extent to which they believe it benefits their students. We also carried out a direct study of the science notebooks of a sample of teachers who are implementing the writing curriculum in their classrooms."

URL link:
published in: Inverness Research Associates
published: July 2002
posted to site: 04/03/2003