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Franklin Elementary School, Rathway, NJ: A case study about the work of the Merck Institute for Science Education

author: Siobhan McVay
description: This case study is one of four that was written about schools that have been part of the MISE (Merck Institute for Science Education) partnership and the "Partnership for Systemic Change: A School/Business Collaboration to Enhance Science, Mathematics, and Technology Teaching and Learning" LSC project. These four reports were based on site visits made over the past 10 years that included classroom observations and interviews with teachers, principals, district administrators, and superintendents. "The case studies are intended to present a story about how the reform has impacted science education in classrooms as well as how it has impacted teachers, schools, and districts. The context for each case study is different as each school and district brings its own unique situation and challenges." These studies may be of particular interest to those involved in science reform and using curricula including FOSS, Insights, STC, BSCS, GEMS, Project Aries, and DSM.

To read this paper on the Franklin elementary school or to access the other three case studies - "Highland Avenue School, Linden NJ," "Inglewood Elementary School, Lansdale, PA," and "Three Bridges and Holland Park Elementary Schools, Readington Township, NJ," use the link below.

URL link:
published in: Consortium for Policy Research in Education Case Study
published: March 2003
posted to site: 09/26/2003