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Progress and Pitfalls: A Cross-Site Look at Local Systemic Change through Teacher Enhancement

author: Sally E. Boyd, Eric R. Banilower, Joan D. Pasley, Iris R. Weiss
description: This report provides a synthesis of lessons learned related to preparing professional development providers, creating a professional development culture conducive to learning, providing high quality professional development, and developing an environment supportive of reform. The report is based primarily on an analysis of comprehensive evaluation reports written for the core evaluation of the Local Systemic Change Initiative by project evaluators of LSC projects, as well as data from interviews conducted with PIs of the same projects. Data on the impact of the LSC on teachers and the likelihood that the reforms will continue after project funds have ended are also discussed.
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published in: Horizon Research, Inc.
published: February 2003
posted to site: 06/02/2004