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The Principals Of Educational Reform: Supporting Mathematics And Science Teaching In Your School -- A Handbook For Elementary And Middle School Principals

author: Mark St. John, Becky Carroll, Jeanne Century, Constanza Eggers-Pierola, Nina Houghton, Sybillyn Jennings, Felisa Tibbitts
description: This interesting report aims to help principals think about how to move a school towards inquiry-based science or math. A summary of this report, excerpted from the Inverness Research Associates website, is below:

"Based on the proposition that all elementary and middle school science students deserve a steady rich daily diet of high quality MST instruction, the monograph seeks to guide principals in conceptualizing, and then implementing, a multi-year process in which the school slowly but steadily improves the quantity and quality of the MST instruction it offers its students."

URL link:
published in: Inverness Research Associates
published: 04/01/1999
posted to site: 07/23/1999