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Access to Constructivist and Didactic Teaching: Who Gets It? Where is it Practiced?

author: Becky A., Burkham, David T., Lee, Valerie E. Smerdon
description: " Calls for the reform of instruction in U.S. classrooms, particularly those in secondary schools, are growing and often strident. Many reformers advocate a move away from traditional, teacher-centered, (didactic) direct instruction, where students are passive receptors of knowledge, toward more student-centered understanding-based (constructivist) teaching that focuses on exploration and experimentation. In this study we investigate the issue of access to these two types of instruction in U.S. high-school science classrooms."

Use this link to download the PDF file for this article.

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published in: TCR (Teachers College Record)
published: Fall 1999
posted to site: 03/09/2001