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'Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me!' The Anatomy And Politics Of Inquiry

author: Mark St. John
description: This is the text of the 1998 Catherine Molony Memorial Lecture given by Mark St. John (evaluator for several LSC projects) at the City College Workshop Center. In this informal lecture, St John first talks about the nature and practice of inquiry - what it feels like to do it, and conditions that stimulate and support it. He moves from this to the teacher's role in fostering classroom inquiry, and then articulates the "Great Schizophreia" that a commmitted teacher feels: on the one hand, wanting your students to succeed on tests and other metrics, and on the other hand wanting to foster real inquiry in the classroom. The lecture then moves to important characteristics of the current standards and high-stakes accountability reforms, and concludes with an interesting exchange of questions and answers. This must have been a lively session! Please note that you can read the lecture on the screen, but it cannot be printed.

URL link:
published in: Inverness Research Associates
published: 09/01/1999
posted to site: 03/16/2001