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Technology is Changing What's "Fair Use" in Teaching --Again

author: Linda Howe-Steiger, Brian C. Donohue
description: "Ask any teacher in the United Stated whether or not it's 'fair' to make free use of copyrighted materials in the classroom and his or her answer will most likely be, "Of course it is." Ask that same teacher why it is so obviously "fair" and you will probably get a blank look. Teachers just "know" that education has important social benefit and that they as teachers are exempt from usual legal obligations surrounding use of copyrighted materials. Or are they?"

In this useful article, Howe-Steiger and Donohue lay out what is acceptable use of copyrighted material, especially in the realm of digital dissemination. For those of us who may be distributing materials without much thought, this will be worthwhile reading.

URL link:
published in: EPAA (Education Policy Analysis Archives)
published: 01/02/2002
posted to site: 07/11/2002