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Internet Access in U.S. Public Schools and Classrooms 1994-2001

author: Anne Kleiner, Elizabeth Farris
description: As technology has taken on a larger presence in society, it is interesting to see the degree to which public schools have been able to provide access and integrate software and hardware into the educational system. This report should be a useful comparison for LSCs looking at their own progress in this area over the last 7 years.

From the abstract: "This report presents data on Internet access in U.S. public schools from 1994 to 2001 by school characteristics. It provides trend analysis on the progress of public schools and classrooms in connecting to the Internet and on the ratio of students to instructional computers with Internet access. For the year 2001, this report also presents data on the types of Internet connections used; student access to the Internet outside of regular school hours; laptop computer loans; and operating systems, memory capacity and disk space found most frequently on instructional computers. It also contains information on special hardware and software for students with disabilities, school-sponsored e-mail addresses, school Web sites, and technologies and procedures to prevent student access to inappropriate material on the Internet."

URL link:
published in: National Center for Education Statistics
published: Sep 2002
posted to site: 09/26/2002