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How do you sustain teacher involvement in multiyear programs, and...

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We have awarded our participants a mini-grant fund for attending summer instiutes. These funds are to the school and must directly support the science and technology plan that they submitted to our project as an application to attend our offerings. Each school must discuss and have approval for the expenditure of these funds. Our teacher leaders also form discussions at their schools by using a focus group strategy. Project staff also does as much in the school intervention as possible by taking kits and inquiry based workshops to the schools, doing model teaching, photographing classroom activities, providing feedback from activity observations upon request, maintaining phone and MetNet contact, and helping organize mini-centers. We try to have a follow-up activity for teachers such as having them develop an individual classroom action plan that supports the school plan. We encourage teachers to use the project staff as a resource to assist the action plan. As a part of some of our graduate classes, we also reqiure follow-up activities that project staff visits(ie. the Family Science and Math institute had a requirement for doing an activity for parents and students as part of the class evaluation. The ones who chose this option are having a rewarding experience as they see parent involement increase or start to happen in places where there wasn't much interest.)


Myra Louise Miller, 1/15/1999