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Queries and Replies

Curriculum Implementation And Materials Support

01/24/03 Selma K. Bartholomew -NYC Bartholomew, Selma 0
09/22/01 There are several teachers in my school district who see... White, Phillip 1
03/30/01 I'm interested in knowing which are the 4-5 best educationally-oriented... DeHaan, Robert L 2
11/03/00 We are piloting the Making Shapes and Building Blocks book... Early, Connie 2
10/05/00 Does anyone have good information on how to build test... Spratt, Roger 1
09/29/00 One of our LSC goals at the middle school level... anonymous 4
08/04/00 Do you have any information about the Puerto Rico math... Gross, Susan 1
05/19/00 I'm looking for a "tool" by which one may analyze... Edgerton, Richard T 3
02/17/00 Our Middle Schools are begging for a test to give... Jost, Norma 0
02/08/00 I would very much like to hear from LSCs which... Nye, Barbara 2
02/04/00 Does anyone have an analysis comparing the cost of running... Woo, Elaine 3
01/25/00 What are the two or three most crucial factors that... Kunselman, Mona 2
01/25/00 One method that our mentor coach uses is to examine... Louise Miller, Myra 1
01/25/00 Has anyone used the Wiggins and McTighe model called Understanding... Louise Miller, Myra 1
01/16/00 A number of us affiliated with the Keystone Project (MT)... Bruggeman, James 0
01/09/00 We are in the fourth year of our project. It... anonymous 2
12/10/99 I am looking for high schools in the United States... Archer, Tom 0
11/18/99 The problem of interrupted instruction due to special needs students... West, Janie 0
11/05/99 I am a teacher of 7th and 8th grade science... Feik, Aaron 1
09/02/99 We are working on developing criteria here in Maine for... Eberle, Francis 4
09/02/99 Can anyone present and share any large scale, apples-to-apples student... Joseph Merlino, F 2
08/18/99 We are looking for references /examples of ways that elementary... Diane Paulin, Gail 1
05/20/99 Dear Colleagues, We in Tucson Unified School district are beginning... Chesser, Sharyn 4
01/22/99 Our project (middle school science) is advocating high quality instructional... Consuegra, Gerard F 3
01/20/99 We are quite excited about our work this year with... Marc Feinstein, Ronald 1
01/19/99 We are interested in what types of PD sessions have... Diane Paulin, Gail 3
01/19/99 What has been the experience of the projects with the... Strong, Libby 1
01/19/99 How has your project created a school culture in which... Kraus, Pam 1
01/19/99 What types of preservice training does your project conduct with... anonymous 1
01/19/99 How does your project train the "lead" teachers or training... anonymous 2
01/19/99 Has your district adopted as policy a baseline number of... anonymous 0
01/18/99 In your experience, what is the optimum number of science... Speicher, Bobbi 1
01/18/99 How have you encouraged high school or middle school districts... Ritsema, Beth 0
01/17/99 What strategies have you found to be successful to recruit... Woo, Elaine 0
01/17/99 What are some examples of professional development menus for SRTs... Woo, Elaine 1
01/15/99 What are the most effective non-evaluative intervention strategies or school... Louise Miller, Myra 0
01/15/99 What 'tools' are being used to help teachers reflect on... anonymous 0
01/12/99 Many LSC's have introduced curricula that rely on kits which... Sullivan-Watts, Barbara 3
01/12/99 How has your project measured the effectiveness of your teacher... anonymous 2
01/12/99 Is your project seeing evidence of positive (or negative) effects... anonymous 1
01/12/99 What are the barriers you are encountering in helping teachers... anonymous 2
01/12/99 What are some of the lasting impacts created by adopting... anonymous 1