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We are working on developing criteria here in Maine for...

Issue Addressed:

We are working on developing criteria here in Maine for what is a teacher leader. Instead of using anecdotal evidence from other teachers we are establishing guidelines with which we can identify existing and prepare new teachers to become leaders. Our LSC is focused on K-8 mathematics. We want to prepare teacher leaders who can provide professional development in specific mathematics curriculum for other teachers. Our early set of criteria looks something like this: 1. Have taught for at least 5 years 2. Have received at least 15 hours of professional development in a particular curriculum program. 3. Have used in their classroom at least two units of the program. 4. Have received leadership training from our project about professional development (time?) 4. Have co-presented or presented with a staff person from our project and it was of high quality. My question is - has anyone already developed a set of criteria that I might review to inform our process. Or perhaps someone might comment on the set of criteria I listed here. Francis Eberle BEAMM LSC


Francis Eberle, 9/2/1999


Curriculum Implementation And Materials Support



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