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We would be very interested in a dialogue with other...

Reply 1:

Consider speaking with Barbara Scott-Nelson of EDC relative to her project with school administrators. She is designing materials specifically for principals with regard to standards based mathematics instruction. Hope this helps


Francis (Skip) Fennell, 1/22/1999

Reply 2:

I would be interested in talking with you about professional development for and with adminstrators. Perhaps we can mention what we have each done to date and go from there. We are collaboratively developing with a planning team of teachers and adminstrators a professional development session to begin this summer. We have decided on a time frame of three to five days that would be interspersed over the summer and academic year. The actual program is yet to be developed. I would reccomend, as did Skip Fennel, to contact Barbara at EDC. I did and she sent me some of their draft materials of professional development activities for adminstrators. EDC is developing a set of professional development activities for adminstrators. I am not sure when they will be complete, but the draft materials look very comprehensive. At our next meeting in February our planning team will decide on outcomes and then review a set of activites or forums for their learning. Our starting point for materials will be the EDC draft materials, various articles on mathematics reform, two case studies from books by Richard Elmore and Marilyn Burns, and various video tapes of mathematics teaching. We will use some of the data from our LSC surveys for context and weakness areas to investigate. What are you preparing or have prepared? Have you already run some sessions for adminstrators? What did you use for instructional materials?


Francis Eberle, 1/10/2000