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We are now entering year 4 and have struggled with...

Issue Addressed:

We are now entering year 4 and have struggled with whether to provide $ stipends for PD for teachers with over 100 or 130 hours. While many of these folks are leaders who are continuing to grow and take on a more active role in reform, the dilemma remains as to whether we can invest additional $ on them or need to reserve remaining funds for those who have not met the minimum requirement. We have, so far, dealt with this by indicating that we give priority to funding those who have not yet completed their required hours, but when one has reluctant folks for whom the $ is not sufficient incentive, do you continue to support those who ARE willing at the risk of not having enough $ to meet the 100% 100hr minimum? When we have indicated that opportunities are for credit only or set funding for only those under the limit, I feel we are sending a message that participation above the 100 hrs is not valued, when of course, we know that this hourly amount barely scratches the surface of what can be invested in learning to improve practice. I am very interestd in how other projects have handled this or found it problematic. One solution is to increase PD embedded in the school day ...what further solutions have you found? Are we the only project with this dilema?


Gail Diane Paulin, 7/20/2001


Program Management, Professional Development



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