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Queries and Replies

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I am seeking evidence thatkids who learn reading/language arts through...

Reply 1:

Hi, I don't have any evidence, but I'm very interested in anyone's information about this question.


Jane McMillan-Brown, 1/19/1999

Reply 2:

This question is very interesting. My teaching experience would say yes.


Aaron Feik, 1/19/1999

Reply 3:

The following three references may be helpful. Holliday, William G., and others. The Reading-Science Learning-Writing Connection: Breakthroughs, Barriers, and Promses. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, v31, n9, p/877-93, Nov 94. Short, Kathy G., Armstrong, Junardi. Moving toward Inquiry: Integrating Literature into the Science Curriculum. New Advocate, v6, n3, p183-200, Sum 1993. Parralels between New Paradigms in Science and in Reading and Literacy Theories: An Essay Review by Constance Weaver, in Russell, Robert B. Ed. and others. Theoretical Models and Processes of Reading. Fourth Edition. For a more extensive reference list we have posted an ERIC search of reading and science inquiry. You can view it from the resource area of the site or by clicking here.


Joni Falk, 1/19/1999

Reply 4:

I am a guest to yuor page but the following may have some answers for the second query. Download a bibliography of FOSS research by at:

Paul Hickman, CESAME


anonymous, 1/19/1999