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Queries and Replies

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I am looking for a survey that can be used...

Reply 1:

For tests call Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, The Test Center, Portland, Oregon. 503-275-9582.


Aaron Feik, 1/19/1999

Reply 2:

Check out the questions in Iris' principal and teacher surveys.


Susan Gross, 1/19/1999

Reply 3:

I have a survey which may be useful, at least as a template for creating a more specific one.


Dave Calhoun, 1/19/1999

Reply 4:

You might want to look at the work of Simon and Jones who looked atattitudes toward "Open Work" in science in Great Britain. This work combined survey instruments with questionaires and observations. Simon, S. A., & A. T. Jones (1992). Open work in science: A review of existing practice. Center for Educational Studies, King's College, University of London. The following references may also be of use: Parsons, Beverly Anderson, Jessup, Patricia. Celebrations & Challenges: A Report on Science Education Improvement. Shaw, Edward L., Jr., Hatfield, Mary M.. A Survey of the Use of Science Manipulatives in Elementary Schools. ED404160. Gee, Carrie J., Gabel, Dorothy L.. The First Year of Teaching: Science in Elementary School. ED393701. Gee, Carrie J., and others. Preservice Elementary teachers: Their science content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and pedagogocial content knowledge. ED393702.


Joni Falk, 1/19/1999