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I would very much like to hear from LSCs which...

Reply 1:

The Fresno LSC and USI is in the process of applying for a USP grant. We are in year 5 of a USI and year 3.5 of the LSC. As a USI city that ranked #17 in numbers of students living in poverty nationally the systemic efforts supported through NSF have significantly improved the mathematics and science achievement of Fresno children. I encourage you to apply for the USP.


Jerry David Valadez, 2/11/2000

Reply 2:

Baltimore has a USI (1994-1999 + 6 months) as well as a LSC (1996-2001). The grantees are different universities with the school sytem as a subcontractor. It has taken lots of coordination to make both act synergistically. The LSC folks at NSF have been very supportive, but the relationship with USI/NSF has been somewhat problematic. NSF requires cost sharing between USI and LSC, so programs must meet both requirements. Before you begin, be certain that the people in leadership positions of both initiatives have the same philosophy, goals, and desired outcomes in mind. Develop a detailed plan of cooperation before submission. LSC and USI can co-exist and be successful, but our experience is that it takes losts of work. Andrea Bowden - Baltimore City Public School System


Andrea R Bowden, 2/13/2000