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We are piloting the Making Shapes and Building Blocks book...

Reply 1:

A reply from the publisher: The first dual platform IBM/MAC CD-Rom is due in the warehouse on Oct 15th. The next batch of software is due in January 2001. Those four titles are: How Long? How Far?, Turtle Paths, Sunken Ships and Grid Patterns, and Picturing Polygons. The last five disks will come out sometime in 2001. We do not have dates from the developer yet. If you did not send in the bounce back cards found in the pocket with the MAC disk or just want to be sure your school will get shipment of these disks as they become available, you may call Elina Gordon in Customer Service at 1-800-552-2259, extension 501. We realize that this delay has sorely tried the patience of Investigations users but as soon as Scott Foresman obtained the entire rights to this program (Jan 2000), we made the financial commitment to completing this. Good software development does take time and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now. Linda Dodge


Joni Falk, 11/3/2000

Reply 2:

Software is now available for for Windows platform. Download software for grades 5, 4, some of 3, and some of grade 2 from the Investigations in Number, Data and Space curriculum. Solution: See this scott/foresman web site (above) for downloadable software. You will need to know the author's names from the particular curriculum unit as published. Unresolved Issues: Other grade level software is still only available in Macintosh platform, especially early grade levels.


anonymous, 8/16/2001