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When I noticed that our last year's report was still...

Reply 1:

The date for the submission of annual reports is fast approaching. We want to alert you to a small change in the FastLane system for such submissions. When you try to enter your annual report you will find that last year's report is still present rather than blank sections. This is by design, as the Foundation would like project reports to be cumulative by having you update each section each year rather than submit whole new reports. If it is possible for you to enter your report by cutting and pasting after the existing material (not using PDF files), please do so, labeling the additions with this year's date. If you have already submitted your report or have arranged to submit it as a PDF document, the computer will merely substitute the new report for the old one. This will not cause a problem for this year, since we have a paper copy of your report from last year. However, next year we would like you to plan to update your report, since the Foundation intends to move entirely to an electronic filing system. If this is your first year for filing, please see the instructions in the NSF Program Notes section of LSC-Net and do not use PDF files for submitting you annual report. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Susan P Snyder, 11/9/2000