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04/02/1999 Playing Their Parts: What Parents and Teachers Really Mean by Parental Involvement Public Agenda Public Agenda
08/18/2000 Beliefs That Block Equity book excerpt Love, Nancy
09/14/2001 Children and the News AACAP American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
09/14/2001 Helping Children after a Disaster AACAP American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
09/14/2001 Talking To Children About Violence And Other Sensitive And Complex Issues In The World Ed. Social Resp. Jones, Susan, Berman, Sheldon
09/14/2001 What do we tell our children? Boston Globe Meltz, Barbara F.
07/11/2002 Technology is Changing What's "Fair Use" in Teaching --Again EPAA Howe-Steiger, Linda, Donohue, Brian C.
12/20/2002 Learning to Discipline PDK Metzger, Margaret
02/06/2003 Astronaut's final e-mail to family, friends: Laurel Clark described awe-inspiring sights MSNBC
02/06/2003 U.S. Students to Continue Ants-in-Space Experiment Nat'l Geo. News Roach, John
02/06/2003 At Dawn, the Columbia NY Times Ferris, Timothy
03/06/2003 Ending the Silence PDK Donna M. Marriott