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Discussion: Exploring a Case Study

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posted by: Kay Merseth on May 15, 2000 at 9:47AM
subject: Teaching by the case method
Welcome to the discussion, "Exploring a Case Study". In this discussion we
will explore use of the case study method as a tool for professional
development, using the case study "Time & Time Again, Again", previously
presented at the annual LSC PI meeting as a basis. Specific lines of inquiry
with regard to this specific case include: examining and defining specific
professional development activities you would offer Sally Elmore; a
consideration of Ms. Tansey and whether she is an effective school leader;
the role and influence of state level standards and testing on what and how
we teach, and so on. Offer some suggested questions and issues of your own
that you would like to see us discuss and we will go from there.

We recommend that you start by writing briefly who you are, what project
you're from, and what question or interest you bring to this discussion; or
you may want to respond directly to the "Time & Time Again" case study,
which is linked to from the main page for this discussion on the LSC-Net
website. This discussion begins today and will last for three weeks.

We would also like to remind you that it is your participation that will
make this discussion a success, and that I look forward to reading and
responding to your messages. Thank you.

Katherine K. Merseth

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