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Discussion: A system within a system: How has the pedagogical stance of your LSC been influenced by your state/local context?

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posted by: Joni Falk on December 1, 2000 at 10:43AM
subject: Closing the discussion
This discussion has run past its promised end date. I want to thank all of
you who posted. We had some very interesting, and varied perspectives on the
effects of high stakes testing on the LSCs and I will try to summarize them
next week. The discussion did not end up exploring other influences on the
LSC system such as the political agenda, business interests, conservative
movements, the Religious Right, or parental pressures. I did come across a
paper this week in Phi Delta Kappan that did address all of the above. It is
entitled Friends, Foes, Noncombatants: Notes on Public Education s Pressure
Groups. I have ordered reprints and will send you each a copy when they
Many, many thanks for your participation.

PS. Please feel free to e-mail me with topics for future discussions that
interest you, and let me know if there is a discussion that you would like
to moderate.
Also, please send your reactions to participating in the discussion. I know
it was a busy time of year, with the annual reports due, but I would be
interested to hear from those who posted, as well as from those who did not,
if participating (or reading) was useful.
Also, if you didn t post write please tell me why. We are trying to figure
out how to make these discussions work better. Send messages to me.

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