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Discussion: How do you effectively share your vision? Modes of Communication within your LSC.

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posted by: Joni Falk on October 29, 2001 at 4:53PM
subject: Getting the conversation started
I sent out a welcome to the discussion last week. I figure either there
is a technical glitch or you guys are just hesitant to write. Please
help me out by getting this discussion started. Hearing from you will
assure me that the site is working OK.

Just in case there was a technical glitch I append the message sent last
week below. To send a message to the list send your e-mail addressed to
LSC-sharing @

The focus of this discussion is defining the challenges that relate to
communication in large scale reform efforts. What are the communication
pathways in your project? How does your vision get transmitted to
administrators, teacher leaders and eventually to teachers? Where is
there a breakdown in the communication? Does it feel that your vision or
goals often get diluted? Are there problems with scale? I am thinking of
lead teachers needing to visit so many classes that there can not be in
depth intervention. Last, (but please address it in your response) would
a tool like LSC-Net be helpful as a tool for communication with your

Please respond, so I will know if this discussion is truly alive.
Many thanks. --Joni.

PS. Below is the message sent out last week. Since it was posted a few
new members have subscribed so I apologize for some names that may not
have been listed below.

Copy of message sent on 10/24--

Thanks for signing up for this discussion. Right now there are 14
members of this discussion so it is a small group, so please feel free
to post your thoughts and opinions. Each of us will need to post in
order to make the discussion interesting. We represent 11 different LSC
projects so although we are an intimate group, there is a wide array of
experiences being brought to the table. The list of people and their
current projects are at the end of this e-mail.

This conversation will discuss how the goals of your LSCs are
transmitted between constituencies, beginning with PI, project
directors, administrators, science and math coordinators and lead
teachers and the rest of the teachers. It will be interesting to explore
effective models for communication as well as the weak links. (I am sure
we all have some weak links.) What kinds of communication does your
project require? What are the communication pathways? What tools and
means do you employ for this communication?

I am particularly interested in exploring if a tool similar to LSC-Net
might facilitate communication between constituencies (eg. lead teachers
to teachers) and within constituencies (teacher to teacher). Does your
LSC use a website or e-mail for communication? If so, do you have the
capability to post best practices, queries, or student work? Do you have
discussion groups? I am eager to hear from each of you.

The discussion will run for approximately 4 weeks. Remember don?t hit
the reply button to post a message to the list. Send your replies to
LSC-sharing @ or go to the LSC website and click on Discussions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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