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Discussion: How do you effectively share your vision? Modes of Communication within your LSC.

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posted by: Reeny Davison on December 17, 2001 at 3:38PM
subject: Re: LSC-sharing digest, Vol 1 #17 - 1 msg

My answer would be yes. We have the tradition of using one-page
reflection papers after an event to share what we learned. One of our
resource teachers who returned to the classroom recently submitted one.
We'll send it to you (by mail) as a first piece to use for this
community of teacher learners. We haven't yet figured out a way to
communicate these gems to a larger audience, but we're thinking about
it. Your site might encourage reports on action research and reflection
papers that might help us get a teacher-to-teacher journal started.

In response (rather late) to your question as to how we communicate the
vision, I have the following thoughts:

* We have district liaisons with whom we meet each semester for business
but also to stimulate their thinking about the systemic reform vision.

* The best way to communicate the vision is to involve people in
whatever is going on, e.g., professional development planning,
recognitions, co-facilitation of PD sessions, and opening up discussions
about evaluation results.

* We meet constantly with people from outside the school community who
express an interest to encourage them to find a niche in which to become

The vision is the hardest thing to communicate because it requires a
change in culture, so people need to grow into understanding and liking
it. So we find ourselves supporting teachers and principals until they
begin to ask us more questions.

Thanks for taking the initiative.

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