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Discussion: Developing classroom-based assessments and using them in professional development.

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posted by: Mack McCary on May 19, 1998 at 9:18AM
subject: math assessment portfolio: middle school
Our district has been working on assessment reform for five years in
partnership with the NC Standards & Accountability Commission and CLASS
(Grant Wiggins and Everett Kline). Part of our work this year has been
assembling a portfolio of student work which will communicate to other
teachers whether a student is competent in reaching benchmarks in math
and communication skills.

One of our teachers recently submitted a portfolio of math work in
eighth grade based on CMP materials, which we are implementing through
our NSF grant.

Everett Kline exclaimed that the work she submitted really revealed that
students were learning to understand the math they are using. The
teacher included prompts (short performance tasks and investigations) as
well as more authentic performance tasks she designed as culminations of
each 9 weeks work using CMP units. The students are required to explain
their reasoning and application of math concepts through writing and

We plan to use her work as part of our summer CMP training, as well as
asking experienced teachers to bring samples of student work to
illustrate the varied levels of student understanding when they are
given specific CMP tasks.
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