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Discussion: Developing classroom-based assessments and using them in professional development.

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posted by: Susan Friel on May 22, 1998 at 3:23PM
subject: Relating Assessment and Instruction
Hi, this is Susan Friel from North Carolina. I'm Co-PI with Mack on the
MIPS Project. I've been spending quite bit of time trying to sort out
how to help teachers (and me!) (1) believe that it is important to
listen to children's thinking about mathematics and (2) to develop ways
that promote children's thinking and their developing (inventing)
mathematics that makes sense to them. The CGI project is central to
this...but work like the cases from Deborah Schifter's DMI project also
play a role. Materials from curriculum projects like Investigations also
have the potential to support this kind of work. I think we're beginning
to find ways to accomplish these goals with teachers. But, in reality,
the whole purpose for this is to be able to design more appropriate
instruction for the students you are listening to as a form of ongoing
assessment. This part of the process isn't easy when you have a
classroom full of students. I was wondering if any of you have given
this thought, that is, how to help teachers link listening to children's
mathematical thinking with instructional planning?
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