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Discussion: Exploring a Case Study

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posted by: Kay Merseth on June 2, 2000 at 9:44AM
subject: the science Coordinator of the Fresno systemic initiative
the science Coordinator of the Fresno systemic initiative raises some
wonderful points.

I may have said it before, but what I really think needs to happen is
for the leaders in K-12 math and science education to begin to change
the whole notion of the role of teacher. In the US we have a view that
a person as teacher is doing his or her job ONLY when he or she is
front of kids. We should work hard to change this perception. Do we
think doctors are only doctors when they are with patients? Or lawyers
in the courtroom??
Trying to re-conceptualize the role of teacher to include time to
converse with colleagues about a difficult case (doctors call it
consultation, I believe) visit one another's classroom (rounds),
conduct research about our practice, coach one another...and many more
things need to be seen as legitimate parts of the teacher's day-to-day
Begining to change this concept would help us no longer try
(unrealistically) to find "Quality time" for professional development,
and trying to find a time when it is "convenient" to hold study groups.

Thanks for your views..
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