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Discussion: Exploring a Case Study

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posted by: Kay Merseth on June 7, 2000 at 11:45AM
subject: farewell message
Thanks for participating, either by reading and writing, or by reading
alone, to the recent case discussion about professional development. I
think we learned several things:

1. The delivery of good professional development is a challenge on many
2. It is pretty hard to have a strong, interactive discussion on the
internet or via email. Usually the responses are just two-way rather
than multiple way which can happened in a live discussion.
3. It is hard to read "body language" in email and thus, it is hard for
me to intervene as provocatively as I might in a live discussion.
4. It is a busy time of the year.

Perhaps we could try something like this again next year, but with a
much shorter case with directed questions.

Thanks again to everyone for participating.
-- Kay Merseth

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