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posted by: Gail Paulin on November 19, 2001 at 9:55PM
subject: FW: One last try...
In response to Barb Dofka and to list:
This is Gail Paulin, from Tucson DESERT Project ( K-8 science, year 4)
We experience the very same issues in Tucson For our last principal's
meeting 11/15 We sent our notices (by print memo, flyer and email at
least six times starting in MAY of last year! We still did not get
RSVP's from all who attended. Only 4 responses, 7 actually showed up.
When I apologized to those who did finally came for all the various
notices they said Oh NO, we needed all those reminders. Clearly there
seems to be too much information or "noise" in our setting to allow
folks to attend to what they get. I am not sure how to solve this,
perhaps we could ask each person to specify a method of contact they
would prefer and lead time they require( any thinking here would be
targeting only the channels they pay most attn to. But honestly, I think
they fully intend to respond and are just deluged with information.

We hope to eventually go to a list serve where we can announce postings
on the web on a regular basis, like Joni does for LSC, I think this is
an excellent model because it alerts you to web postings so that you go
there while you're reading the messages I like to hear what amount of
time and staffing are required to do this, perhaps Joni could give us
some insight. We have also had problems with teachers getting access to
district email. Hardware/wiring problems, time and "habits". We hope to
see the day when allteachers are online, but it has been slow for us.
Our 100 science facilitators are just getting the hang of it, though
some have asked us to use their home email due to problems in the school
system. WE have 1500 teachers to go :)

You are not alone in your issues. Let's hope someone here has some new
ideas for solutions :) Gail
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