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Discussion: How do you effectively share your vision? Modes of Communication within your LSC.

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posted by: Brian Drayton on November 20, 2001 at 8:22AM
subject: Two way communication vs broadcasting
One issue I hear coming through from the posts so far is the lack of
two-way communication, or perhaps it is better to put it as the lack of
conversation. That is, while it is hard to create and maintain a good
system for broadcasting from the project to its participants, it is even
harder to have information and even ideas flow back from the participants,
or among them. When have you had success at this? Has it been more likely
at a workshop than over the Internet, or has email (or the web) facilitated
this kind of exchange?

Such conversation is essential to the development of common purpose
and understanding of a complex reform. Yet I suppose that (like myself)
most people on this list don't post as often as they might, to list-servs
or other such groups, because they don't have time to think carefully about
the discussion so far, and then develop a contribution. Of course any working
teacher will have the same dilemma, even if you solve all their technical
challenges and barriers.

It seems to me that this raises a question about models of systemic
change -- which include a model of teacher change and therefore of
professional development. How do you get administrators, and teachers, to
buy in to the need for some time to think?
-- Brian Drayton
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