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Discussion: Preparing for the summer workshop

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posted by: Brian Drayton on May 4, 1998 at 4:54PM
subject: Welcome
Welcome to the TEECH-LSC discussion on preparing for summer workshops. This group will be co-moderated by Margaret Small and Brian Drayton, and will run for about 6 weeks. Please start off by posting a short message with your name & project, and a theme or a question you would like to see addresssed. We strongly encourage you to find time to post at least once during this time -- it is fine to mostly listen and learn from the dialogue, but if everyone does it, there will be nothing to listen to!
Some questions that might help you get started: Are there resources that you need advice about, or want to recommend to your colleagues? Are there major logistical or design challenges facing you as you approach the summer? How does your summer activity relate to the rest of your LSC program and how to sustain teacher involvement? How have you addressed the breadth-vs-depth challenge?

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