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Discussion: Student assessment: Identifying and measuring impacts on students

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posted by: Brian Drayton on May 24, 1999 at 8:33AM
subject: Alternative measures
Several of the postings have mentioned experience you have with using
alternative measures for student assessment. I also would be very
interested to hear some conclusions-to-date about some of these, from a
couple of different points of view. For example, take performance
assessments: [a] in practice, do they provide the kinds of informatino a
teacher needs to assess the student's understanding? [b] If not, is it
because they are hard to do well, or because they are hard to turn into
"grade reports," or because they are missing something important? [c] If
they are valuable, are they being used more widely, and if not, what are
some of the reasons you are seeing? [d] how does all this relate to your
LSC's work with the teachers, and assessment of your own effectiveness?
Of course, this might be done for any of the measures you are using -- I
know this seems like a long list, but I am trying to get a sense of how
these assessments fit into the landscape, or maybe better into the toolbox
(of the teacher, and of the professional-developer of teachers).

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