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Discussion: Middle school curriculum reform: What is your growing edge?

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posted by: Joni Falk on April 26, 1999 at 1:56PM
subject: Welcome from the moderator
Welcome to the discussion group "Middle school curriculum reform: What is
your growing edge?"
This discussion group will center its attention on addressing issues
particular to middle school reform in the areas of science and math reform.
We look forward to hearing about the issues facing those LSCs who are
currently targeting the middle school grades. Currently, 34 LSC-net members
are subscribed to this discussion, representing 24 different LSC projects.
The combined experiences that all these projects bring to the table can
certainly contribute to what is known about middle school reform.
Middle school has lagged behind elementary school, and often behind high
school, in many systemic reform efforts. This discussion group will explore
the special challenges that these grades present. These may include
competing demands for teachers at the middle school level, issues of
curriculum selection, adoption and implementation, and the effects of
external assessments targeted at eighth grade.
In order to begin it would be helpful if each participant would post a
short message, telling us who they are, what their project is, and one or
two questions that they are most interested in discussing with others.The
only way to have an active dialogue is for everyone who hopes to read
interesting mail to post some. These initial posts will get the main themes
out, introduce us to each other, and move us to the next level. It will also
help everyone make sure they know how to post and read! I will be
moderating the discussion for LSC-net, but I am eager to have a co-moderator
from among the participants, so if youd like to work with me on this,
please let me know! If you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me
(outside of the discussion).
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