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Discussion: Middle school curriculum reform: What is your growing edge?

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posted by: Sabra Lee on June 2, 1999 at 2:51PM
subject: Re: Continuing the conversation:
I would like to add a comment to Bob Boxes' contribution. The LSC in Mesa
is a math, science and technology project. Working as his evaluator I've
found (and so has he) that technology has facilitated some cross curricular
connections between math and science and is continuing to do so. I have
also observed that the science teachers in middle school a far more
interested in working with the math department than vice versa. Teachers,
teacher leaders and principals as well as other admiinstrators echo this
point: many of the math teachers seem to them, BY PERSONALITY, to be less
flexible, less interested. They also tend to hold more tightly to more
traditional pedagogies. I also believe that teachers have so little time to
work together that given the chance they first want to work with their
subject matter colleagues, both on site and across sites. In Mesa a
community is forming among the science teachers cross-district, and they
are excited about this. Perhaps cross curriculum sharing and community will

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