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06/12/2003 Learning to Love Logarithms Kelley, Loretta
11/19/2002 Letter from Parents Criticizing the Connected Math Program (CMP) Merlino, Joe, Briars, Diane, Kramer, Steve, West, Lucy, Fey, James
10/18/2002 No URL Left Behind? Web Scrub Raises Concern Davis, Michelle R.
08/01/2002 Public and Professional Discourse: Effectively Responding to the Conflict Surrounding Mathematics Education Reform Martin, Gary
08/01/2002 Role of Student Achievement Data in Public Engagement Weiss, Iris R., Whittington, Dawayne
06/13/2002 Effective Models for Designing and Implementing Standards-Based Reform of K-12 Mathematics Fry Bohlin, Carol, Spresser, Diane M., Merlino, F. Joseph, West, Lucy
06/01/2002 Consciousness Levels and Political Relations as Determinants of Sustainable Mathematics Reform Merlino, F. Joseph
06/01/2002 Impact of Policy Decisions on Sustainability Efforts of Mathematics Education Reform Fry Bohlin, Carol
06/01/2002 LSC Project's Engagement with State Policy: The Indiana Story Frascella, Bill
05/21/2002 Game of Pig Merlino, F.