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Professional Development

01/12/99 How do you insure the quality of transmission between the... anonymous 1
01/12/99 How do you sustain teacher involvement in multiyear programs, and... anonymous 1
01/12/99 What have been your most effective advanced professional development offerings?... Dow, Peter 0
01/14/99 How do you build capacity for teacher leaders? What opportunities/experiences... Valicenti, Vince J 1
01/15/99 What 'tools' are being used to help teachers reflect on... anonymous 0
01/15/99 When speaking with non educators, which words, phases and/or experiences... Gregg, Linda 1
01/18/99 What are some strategies for gaining support of experienced teachers... Speicher, Bobbi 0
01/19/99 How has your project created a school culture in which... Kraus, Pam 1
01/19/99 We are interested in what types of PD sessions have... Diane Paulin, Gail 3
01/20/99 "How have you involved resource teachers in your project? Can... Moore, Barbara 2
01/20/99 How do we resolve the conflict between reform curricula and... Foley, Thomas E 1
01/20/99 We would be very interested in a dialogue with other... Marc Feinstein, Ronald 2
01/20/99 We are quite excited about our work this year with... Marc Feinstein, Ronald 1
01/07/00 We continue to have increasing teachers' ability to reflect on... Van Zoest, Laura 2
01/14/00 What are projects doing involving teachers in action research? Valicenti, Vince J 0
01/15/00 How can we increase Professional Development without decreasing pupil contact... Polakowski, Sona 3
01/16/00 A number of us affiliated with the Keystone Project (MT)... Bruggeman, James 0
01/18/00 What method/tools, compatible with standards-based learning, are being used to... anonymous 0
01/21/00 For other LSCs that conduct summer workshops......What is the "teacher... anonymous 2
01/29/00 I heard several people mention using the critical friends format... Pierce, Wendy 1
01/29/00 Please consider posting your case studies for LSC use with... Jost, Norma 1
02/27/00 Does anyone know of someone who could provide professional development... Woo, Elaine 3
11/09/00 Our project (WV-Handle On Science) is beginning to examine the... Strong, Libby 0
01/28/01 Does anyone have copies of the surveys they are using... Tempel, Carol 0
02/09/01 I'm looking for papers or articles on effective strategies to... anonymous 1
07/20/01 We are now entering year 4 and have struggled with... Diane Paulin, Gail 0
09/12/01 We are seeking your suggestions for contacts with scientists who... DeHaan, Robert L 0
02/15/02 I am researching the effect of technology on the life... anonymous 0
02/22/02 Is anyone else working with a college or university to... Allen, Ethan 1
06/11/02 Teacher Buy-In to Connected Mathematics Program Winstead, Melody 3
06/11/02 Beth Ritsema's Replies to "Letter from Parents" Ritsema, Beth 0