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10/27/00 Can you please clarify for me how the Reports from... Coleman, Kay 1
01/12/99 How can one really sustain the professional development piece of... anonymous 1
01/16/99 How does your project delineate the roles of the PI(s)... anonymous 0
02/16/00 I am finding it very time consuming to document all... Broadway, Everly 2
05/18/99 I'm trying to get some background on the lsc's ...... anonymous 1
07/20/01 We are now entering year 4 and have struggled with... Diane Paulin, Gail 0
09/12/01 We are seeking your suggestions for contacts with scientists who... DeHaan, Robert L 0
01/20/99 We would be very interested in a dialogue with other... Marc Feinstein, Ronald 2
01/25/00 What key factors and conditions lead to maximize and sustain... Kunselman, Mona 0
01/12/99 What strategies does your team have for keeping in touch... anonymous 2
11/09/00 When I noticed that our last year's report was still... Mick, Harold 1