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LSC Case Study Reports

01/17/1998 Japanese Mathematics Instructional Model and Implications for Science Instruction Science Connections Project 6-8 S
03/19/1998 Case Study: E = MC2 E=MC2 K-6 S
03/19/1998 Case Study: Metro Nashville Area Metro Nashville Area Local Systemic Change Project K-6 SU
03/24/1998 Case Study: TESS (Teacher Enhancement for Student Success) Teacher Enhancement for Student Success (TESS) K-8
04/02/1998 Case Study: PRIME (Partnerships for Systemic Reform to Improve Mathematics Education Partnerships for (Systemic) Reform to Improve Mathematics Education K-8
12/14/2001 Case Study: Seattle School District: K-5 Inquiry-Based Science Program: The Use of Scientists/Engineers in the Professional Development of Science Teachers Hands-On Science In Seattle Public Schools, K-5 K-6
02/01/2002 FOSS: Balance and Motion (BLAHST Project) A Black Hills Science Teaching Project to Prepare K-8 Teachers for the New Millenium K-8 R
02/01/2002 Polishing the Mirror: Reflection on Practice in Middle Grades Mathematics (Delaware Exemplary Math Curriculum Implementation) Delaware 6-12 Exemplary Mathematics Curriculum Implementation 6-12
02/08/2002 Case Study of the Science Co-op Project: Effecting Local Systemic Change in Rural Missouri and Iowa Missouri-Iowa Science Co-op Project K-6 R
02/08/2002 STEP-uP Lessons Learned: Professional Development Case Science Teacher Enhancement in the Pikes Peak Region (STEP-u P) K-6
02/15/2002 Spokane School District Case Study: 7th - 12th Grade LSC in Science Education Reforming Secondary Science Through Teacher Enhancement 6-12
02/15/2002 Systemic Reform of Mathematics K-5 for Virginia: Professional Development Case Description, Project 80 Systemic Reform of Mathematics 6-12 for Rural Virginia 6-12 RU
02/21/2002 Professional Development Case Description: TUSD D.E.S.E.R.T. Project DESERT Project K-8
03/01/2002 RISE Case Study: PD for 4th grade STC Unit, Electric Circuits Renaissance in Science Education (RISE) K-12
03/01/2002 RISE Case Study: PD for 6th Grade STC Unit, Magnets and Motors Renaissance in Science Education (RISE) K-12