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2. How can we get an accurate (valid) fix on...

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This requires some good, old-fashioned hard work and collaboration. Begin by having a group of expert teachers who know the curriculum well brainstorm about what it means to implement this curriculum. Write down or record everything they say. Then have them go back through their output and identify observable or measurable indicators of implementation. Use this as the basis for developing a checklist of implementation indicators. Take that checklist to a separate, but equally skilled group of teachers and have them critique it. Use their critique as the basis for a pilot draft of a checklist that could be used by an observer in a classroom. Try it out. Does it provide you with the information you need? The HRI Classroom Observation Protocol also provides an excellent extant model for determining quality of curriculum implementation. You could then conduct comparisons by selecting teachers who score on the extremes on the rating scale.


Joy Frechtling, 2/9/2001