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Promoting Change

11/02/2001 Reciprocal Influence of Teacher Learning, Teaching Practice, School Restructuring, and Student Learning Outcomes TCR Ancess, Jacqueline
01/18/2002 State-Mandated Testing and Teachers' Beliefs and Practice EPAA Cimbricz, Sandra
04/05/2002 Instructional Policy and Classroom Performance: The Mathematics Reform in California TCR Cohen, David K., Hill, Heather C.
04/03/2003 Research Into Practice: The Push for Usability Ed. Week Education Week
02/22/2001 Does Professional Development Change Teaching Practice? Results from a Three-Year Study. ED Online Eisenhower Professional Development Program
06/19/2003 From Preparation to Practice: Designing a Continuum to Strengthen and Sustain Teaching TCR Feiman-Nemser, Sharon
05/03/2001 Teacher Change ENC Focus Fullan, Michael, Hargreaves, Andy
07/16/1998 Results-oriented professional development: In search of an optimal mix of effective practices NCREL Guskey, Thomas R.
10/31/2003 Reflections on Reform: A Former Teacher Looks at School Change and the Factors that Shape It TCR Hinde, Elizabeth
08/07/2003 Leading for Learning: Reflective Tools for School and District Leaders CTP Knapp, Michael S., Copland, Michael A., Talbert, Joan E.
08/11/2000 Professional Development of Teachers Teaching to the Standards conf. present. Loucks-Horsely, Susan
05/21/2004 Bayer Facts of Science Education X Survey Bayer Corporation Market Research Institute
03/06/2003 Out on a Limb on Our Own: Uncertainty and Doubt Moving from Subject-Centered to Interdisciplinary Teaching TCR Meister, Denise G., Nolan, Jr., Jim
05/03/2005 Challenges of Building Local Collaboratives for Sustaining Educational Improvement RAND RAND Corporation
07/14/2000 Inquiry-Minded Schools: Opening Doors for Accountability PDK Rallis, Sharon F., MacMullen, Margaret M.
02/20/2003 Dilemmas of Professional Development PDK Richardson, Virginia
05/21/1998 Mathematics Curriculum Implementation: Not a Beginning, Not an End Hands On! Russell, Susan Jo
11/01/1999 What Teachers Know and Don't Know Matters Harvard Ed. Letter Sparks, Dennis
04/28/2000 National Plan for Improving Professional Development NSDC Sparks, Dennis, Hirsh, Stephanie
04/25/2002 Local Theories of Teacher Change: The Pedagogy of District Policies and Programs TCR Spillane, James
07/23/1998 Reflecting on Practice Hands On! Weir, Sylvia, Barclay, Tim