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Student Outcomes

01/19/99 I am seeking evidence thatkids who learn reading/language arts through... DeHaan, Robert L 4
02/27/00 Does anyone know of someone who could provide professional development... Woo, Elaine 3
09/02/99 Can anyone present and share any large scale, apples-to-apples student... Joseph Merlino, F 2
01/15/01 Does anyone know what ever happened to the state portfolio... Fonzi, Judith 2
01/12/99 How does your project measure the impact on students of... anonymous 2
02/09/01 1. How do you justify treating "students" as the unit... anonymous 1
02/09/01 2. How can we get an accurate (valid) fix on... anonymous 1
02/09/01 Are the draft guidelines that accompanied the talk given by... anonymous 1
10/05/00 Does anyone have good information on how to build test... Spratt, Roger 1
01/12/99 Have you experimented with alternative assessments? If so, what have... anonymous 1
02/09/01 How can we determine if the state test is aligned... anonymous 1
02/09/01 How can we get an accurate (valid) fix on the... anonymous 1
01/20/99 How do we resolve the conflict between reform curricula and... Foley, Thomas E 1
01/25/00 How much more time does it to take to assess... Kunselman, Mona 1
09/08/00 I really appreciated the excerpt on Linda Love's new book... Allexsaht-Snider, Martha 1
02/09/01 In a multi-district project, how can a study design use... anonymous 1
02/09/01 Is it enough to just assess grades four and eight... anonymous 1
02/09/01 We have a fourth-grade assessment that we can use that... anonymous 1
02/09/01 What are some good measures of "teacher quality"? anonymous 1
01/16/99 What are some ideas on how to address students' lack... anonymous 1
01/16/99 What are some ideas on how to assist students making... anonymous 1
02/09/01 What happens when a standardized test (e.g., a statewide, grade-specific... anonymous 1
02/09/01 What if your "baseline" data occurs after students have already... anonymous 1
02/09/01 What timeline are we using for statistical results? anonymous 1
02/09/01 While committed to trying to find outcome data to inform... anonymous 1
01/20/99 "For the most part, our teachers are delivering more challenging,... Moore, Barbara 0
11/22/00 Does anyone have information, literature or data that that shows... anonymous 0
01/19/99 How is your project using student notebooks (journals) in science... anonymous 0
12/31/01 I've been looking at two different sets of data in... Batchelder, Michelle L 0
02/17/00 Our Middle Schools are begging for a test to give... Jost, Norma 0
01/23/00 We are in the process of desiging our first sizable... anonymous 0
01/23/00 What research and/or practices have other sites found effective in... Friel, Susan N 0