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07/23/1998 Coping with Inquiry Hands On! Barclay, Tim
06/18/1998 Critical Issues in Technology NCREL North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
11/09/2001 Cybercheating: A New Twist on an Old Problem PDK Gardiner, Steve
06/11/1998 Educational Technology: Support for Inquiry-Based Learning TERC Rubin, Andee
06/04/1998 Fostering the Use of Educational Technology: Elements of a National Strategy RAND Glennan, Thomas, K., Melmed, Arthur, (A RAND report)
09/26/2002 Internet Access in U.S. Public Schools and Classrooms 1994-2001 NCES Kleiner, Anne, Farris, Elizabeth
05/03/2005 National Educational Technology Plan U.S. Dept. Ed. U.S. Dept. Ed. Office of the Secretary
06/25/1998 Professional Development in a Technological Age: New Definitions, Old Challenges, New Resources TERC Grant, Cathy Miles
10/22/1998 TECHNOLOGY COUNTS '98 Ed. Week Education Week on the Web
06/04/1998 Technology and Education Reform SRI SRI International
11/16/2000 Thinking (and Talking) About Technology in Math Classrooms EDC Goldenberg, Paul E.
03/06/2003 Visualizations PDK Royal Van Horn
06/11/1998 Wired Classroom: Creating Technology Enhanced Student-Centered Learning Environments FNO McKenzie, Jamie