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The Bayer Facts of Science Education X Survey: Are the Nationís Colleges and Universities Adequately Preparing Elementary Schoolteachers of Tomorrow to Teach Science?

author: Market Research Institute
description: This study asks deans of colleges and universities as well as new teachers to evaluate their pre-service (college/university) training programs in science teaching compared to those for other core subjects, as well as the emphasis placed on science versus other subjects. The study compares teachers' and deans' perspectives. One finding from the study was that 'Overall, deans are much more positive than teachers about their institutions' performance in all areas of teacher preparation. However, when it comes to science preparation both deans and teachers are less positive than they are about other subjects. Specifically, many more deans give an A grade to their English and math teacher preparation (76 % and 56 %, respectively) than they do their science teaching preparation (40 %). Likewise, many more new teachers give an A grade to their English and math teacher preparation (39 % and 28 %, respectively) than they do to their science teaching preparation (18 %).'
URL link:
published in: Bayer Corporation
published: May 2004
posted to site: 05/21/2004