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Math Reform

07/04/2005 Commitment to America's Future; Responding to the Crisis in Mathematics & Science Education Business-Higher Education Forum
07/04/2005 Comparative Studies on U.S. and Chinese Mathematics Learning and the Implications for Standards-Based Mathematics Teaching Reform Ed. Researcher Wang, Jian, Lin, Emily
06/16/2005 Examining Gaps in Mathematics Achievement Among Racial-Ethnic Groups, 1972-1992 RAND Samuel R. Lucas, Thomas Sullivan and R. J. Briggs, Mark Berends
05/03/2005 Developing a Strategic Research and Development Program in Mathematics Education RAND Research Brief RAND Mathematics Study Panel, Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Chair
05/03/2005 No Time To Waste: The Vital Role of College and University Leaders in Improving Science and Mathematics Education ECS, US Dept. Ed Sanders, Ted
09/30/2004 Taking Data to New Depths Journal of Staff Development Love, Nancy
07/28/2004 Reflections on History and Quality Education CTP Kantor, Harvey, Lowe, Robert
06/02/2004 Progress and Pitfalls: A Cross-Site Look at Local Systemic Change through Teacher Enhancement Horizon Research Boyd, Sally E., Banilower, Eric R., Pasley, Joan D., Weiss, Iris R.
03/03/2004 Vision for Mathematics Ed. Leadership Schmidt, William H.
03/03/2004 Improving Mathematics Teaching Ed. Leadership Stigler, James, James, Hiebert
11/14/2003 Researching Numeracy Teaching Approaches in Primary Schools SOFWeb State of Victoria (Department of Education & Training), Australia
07/03/2003 PISA 2003 Assessment Framework - Mathematics, Reading, Science and Problem Solving Knowledge and Skills OECD OECD
06/26/2003 Looking Inside the Classroom: A Study of K-12 Mathematics and Science Education in the United States Horizon Res. Weiss, Iris, Pasley, Joan D., Smith, P. Sean, Banilower, Eric R., Heck, Daniel J.
06/12/2003 Mathematical Proficiency for All Students: Toward a Strategic Research and Development Program in Mathematics Education RAND RAND Mathematics Study Panel, Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Chair
05/02/2003 Teaching Mathematics in Seven Countries: Results from the TIMSS 1999 Video Study NCES Hiebert, J., Gallimore, R., Garnier, H., Bogard Givvin, K., Hollingsworth, H., Jacobs, J., M.Y. Chui, A., Wearne, D., Smith, M., Kersting, N., Manaster, A., Tseng, E., Etterbeek, W., Manaster, C., Gonzales, P., Stigler, J.
03/14/2003 Joint Impact of Block Scheduling and an NCTM Standards-based Curriculum on High School Mathematics Achievement U. of M.D. Kramer, Dr. Steven
02/20/2003 Mathematical Proficiency for All Students: Toward a Strategic Research and Development Program in Mathematics Education RAND RAND Mathematics Study Panel
11/21/2002 Bush to Push for Math and Science Upgrade Ed. Week Hoff, David J.
09/12/2002 Mathematical Literacy: What Does it Mean for School Mathematics? NCISLA Romberg, Thomas
04/05/2002 Instructional Policy and Classroom Performance: The Mathematics Reform in California TCR Cohen, David K., Hill, Heather C.
03/08/2002 How Schools Matter: The Link Between Teacher Classroom Practices and Student Academic Performance EPAA Wenglinsky, Harold
03/08/2002 Making Mathematics Work for All Children: Issues of Standards, Testing, and Equity Ed. Researcher Schoenfeld, Alan H.
12/21/2001 Math NAEP Delivers Some Good News Ed. Week Kennedy Manzo, Kathleen
12/21/2001 Nation's Report Card: Mathematics 2000 NCES Braswell, J.S., Lutkus, A.D., Grigg, W.S., Santapau, S.L., Tay-Lim, B., Johnson, M.
12/07/2001 School and Classroom Practices During Two Years of Education Reform in Washington State CRESST Steecher, Brian, Chun, Tammi
11/16/2001 Curricular Controversy in the Math Wars: A Battle Without Winners PDK Reys, Robert E.
11/16/2001 Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum Materials: A Phrase in Search of a Definition PDK Trafton, Paul R., Reys, Barbara J., Wasman, Deanna G.
08/30/2001 Electronic Principles and Standards for School Mathematics NCTM NCTM
06/29/2001 Brown Center Report on American Education: 2000 How Well Are American Students Learning? Brown Center The Brown Center
06/01/2001 Closing the Gap One School at a Time Ed. Letter Sadowski, Michael
03/02/2001 Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics NRC National Research Council
12/15/2000 NAEP: Understanding the Headlines NCTM NCTM News
11/16/2000 Assessing Students' Mathematics Learning EDC Kantrov, Ilene
11/16/2000 Thinking (and Talking) About Technology in Math Classrooms EDC Goldenberg, Paul E.
11/03/2000 Mathematical Miseducation Of America's Youth PDK Battista, Michael T.
10/27/2000 Standards Under Fire: Issues and Options in the Math Wars Show-Me Proj. Fey, James
05/19/2000 Algebra for All -- Not with Today's Textbooks, Says AAAS AAAS Project 2061
04/21/2000 Revised Mathematics Standards Provide More Guidance Ed. Week Boser, Ulrich
03/10/2000 Politics of California School Mathematics: The Anti-Reform of 1997-99 PDK Becker, Jerry, Jacob, Bill
01/14/2000 Developing Mathematics Reform: What Don't We Know About Teacher Learning -- But Would Make Good Working Hypotheses? book excerpt Ball, Deborah Loewenberg
01/14/2000 How Old Is the Shepherd? An Essay About Mathematics Education PDK Merseth, Katherine
11/19/1999 Relationships Between Research and the NCTM Standards NCTM Hiebert, James
10/29/1999 School Policies and Practices Affecting Instruction in Mathematics NCES NCES
10/29/1999 Students Learning Science NCES NCES
07/16/1999 Student Work and Teacher Practices in Mathematics NCES NCES
04/23/1999 From Barrier to Lever: Revising Roles for Assessment in Mathematics Education NISE Ridgway, James
04/02/1999 Mathematics for the Moment, Or the Millennium? Ed. Week Boaler, Jo
03/26/1999 Mathematical Miseducation of America's Youth: Ignoring Research and Scientific Study in Education PDK Battista, Michael
03/26/1999 Parrot Math PDK O'Brien, Thomas
03/12/1999 Middle Grades Mathematics Textbooks: A Benchmarks-Based Evaluation AAAS Project 2061
07/02/1998 Math War Developments in the United States (California) ICMI Becker, Jerry, Jacob, Bill
05/21/1998 Mathematics Curriculum Implementation: Not a Beginning, Not an End Hands On! Russell, Susan Jo
04/30/1998 State Mathematics Standards: An Appraisal of Math Standards in 46 States, the District of Columbia, and Japan Thomas B. Ford. Raimi, Ralph A., Braden, Lawrence S.
01/17/1998 Japanese Mathematics Instructional Model and Implications for Science Instruction book excerpt Conseguera, Gerard F., Lopez, Ramon
12/16/1997 Understanding and Improving Classroom Mathematics Instruction: An Overview of the TIMSS Video Study PDK Stigler, James W., Hiebert, James