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LSC Papers and Reports


06/16/2005 Examining Gaps in Mathematics Achievement Among Racial-Ethnic Groups, 1972-1992 RAND Samuel R. Lucas, Thomas Sullivan and R. J. Briggs, Mark Berends
06/02/2005 Impact of the No Child Left Behind Act on Student Achievement and Growth: 2005 Edition NWEA Research Report Cronin, John, Kingsbury, G. Gage, McCall, Martha S., Bowe, Branin
11/30/2004 Closing the Racial Achievement Gap: The Role of Reforming Instructional Practices EPAA Wenglinsky, Harold
10/19/2004 All Students Reaching the Top: Strategies for Closing Academic Achievement Gaps NCREL Bennett, Albert, Bridglall, et. al., Beatrice L.
10/19/2004 Engagement, Capacity, and Continuity: A Trilogy for Student Success GE Foundation Jolly, Eric. J., Campbell, Patricia B., Perlman, Lesley K.
07/28/2004 Reflections on History and Quality Education CTP Kantor, Harvey, Lowe, Robert
05/05/2004 Upping the Numbers: Using Research-Based Decision Making to Increase Diversity in the Quantitative Disciplines GE Foundation Report Campbell, Patricia B., Jolly, Eric, Hoey, Lesli, Perlman, Lesley K.
03/31/2004 Latinas and Latinos in High School: Re-writing Race and Gender Lessons in the Classroom TCR Lopez, Nancy
02/06/2004 What Research Says About Unequal Funding for Schools in America Policy Perspectives Biddle, Bruce J., Berliner, David C.
01/09/2004 Nation's Report Card: Trial Urban District Assessment, Mathematics Highlights 2003 NCES Lutkus, A.D., Weiner, A.W.
01/09/2004 Parsing the Achievement Gap: Baselines for Tracking Progress ETS Barton, Paul
10/03/2003 National Crisis or Localized Problems? Getting Perspective on the Scope and Scale of the Teacher Shortage EPAA Murphy, Patrick, DeArmond, Michael, Guin, Kacey
10/03/2003 Final Report on a Conference on Models of Implementation Research within Science and Mathematics Instruction in Urban Schools SYRCE; NSF Confrey, Jere, Lemke, Jay, Marshall, Jill, Sabelli, Nora
07/24/2003 Beyond Islands of Excellence: What Districts Can do to Improve Instruction and Achievement in All Schools Learning First Alliance Togneri, Wendy, Anderson, Stephen E.
03/28/2003 Exploring the Achievement Gap Between White and Minority Students in Texas: A Comparison of the 1996 and 2000 NAEP and TAAS Eighth Grade Mathematics Test Results EPAA Linton, Thomas H., Kester, Donald
03/21/2003 Nation's Report Card: Science 2000 NCES O'Sullivan, C.Y., Lauko, M.A., Grigg, W.S., Qian, J. Qian, Zhang, J.
03/06/2003 Ending the Silence PDK Donna M. Marriott
02/20/2003 Mathematical Proficiency for All Students: Toward a Strategic Research and Development Program in Mathematics Education RAND RAND Mathematics Study Panel
02/13/2003 Helping English Learners Increase Achievement Through Inquiry-Based Science Instruction Bilingual Res. Journ. Amaral, Olga, Garrison, Leslie, Klentschy, Michael
01/31/2003 Quality Counts 2003: 'If I Can't Learn From You Ed Week Ed Week
01/23/2003 Limits of Sanctions in Low-Performing Schools: A Study of Maryland and Kentucky Schools on Probation EPAA Mintrop, Heinrich
01/16/2003 Something is Missing from Teacher Education: Attention to Two Genders PDK Sanders, Jo
10/31/2002 Dispelling the Myth Revisited: Preliminary Findings from a Nationwide Analysis of "High-Flying" Schools The Education Trust Jerald, Craig D.
10/24/2002 Research and Rhetoric on Teacher Certification: A Response to 'Teacher Certification Reconsidered EPAA Darling-Hammond, Linda
10/10/2002 Effectiveness of 'Teach for America' and Other Under-certified Teachers on Student Academic Achievement: A Case of Harmful Public Policy EPAA Berliner, David C.
10/03/2002 Internet Access Has No Impact on Test Scores, Study Says Ed Week Trotter, Andrew
09/26/2002 Now Boys Trail Girls USA Today USA Today
09/12/2002 What Happens During the School Day?: Time Diaries from a National Sample of Elementary School Teachers TCR Roth, Jodie, Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne, Linver, Miariam, Hofferth, Sandra
05/23/2002 Closing the Gap One School at a Time Ed. Letter Sadowski, Michael
03/08/2002 Making Mathematics Work for All Children: Issues of Standards, Testing, and Equity Ed. Researcher Schoenfeld, Alan H.
12/21/2001 Math NAEP Delivers Some Good News Ed. Week Kennedy Manzo, Kathleen
12/21/2001 Nation's Report Card: Mathematics 2000 NCES Braswell, J.S., Lutkus, A.D., Grigg, W.S., Santapau, S.L., Tay-Lim, B., Johnson, M.
12/14/2001 Significance of Test-based Ratings for Metropolitan Boston Schools EPAA Bolon, Craig
11/30/2001 Reading the Research: What TIMSS Reveals About Tracking NCREL Gahala, Jan
11/02/2001 From High School to Teaching: Many Steps, Who Makes It? TCR Vegas, Emiliana, Murnane, Richard J., Willett, John B.
09/28/2001 2000 Biennial Report to the US Congress NSF (CEOSE) Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering
09/28/2001 Systemic Reform Evaluation: Gender Differences in Student Attitudes Toward Science and Mathematics AETS Kanai, Kunimitsu, Norman, Dr. John
09/21/2001 Students with Disabilities in Standards-based Assessment and Accountability Systems: Emerging Issues, Strategies, and Recommendations (Synthesis Report 37) NCEO Quenemoen, Rachel F., Lehr, Camilla A., Thurlow, Martha L., Massanari, Carol B.
09/21/2001 Value-Added Indicators: A Powerful Tool for Evaluating Science and Mathematics Programs and Policies NISE Meyer, Robert H.
07/20/2001 Big City Students Make Gains in Math and Science, Report Says NSF NSF Press Release
07/20/2001 Year 4 Report Key Building Blocks for Student Achievement in the 21st Century CEO Forum The CEO Forum on Education and Technology
07/07/2001 Academic Excellence for all Urban Students, Their Accomplishment in Science and Mathematics Systemic Res. Kim, J., Crasco, L., Smith, R., Johnson, G., Karantonis, A., Leavitt, D.
07/07/2001 Survey Results of Urban School Classroom Practices in Mathematics and Science Systemic Res. Kim, J., Crasco, L., Blank, R., Smithson, J.
06/29/2001 Technology Counts 2001 The New Divides Ed. Week Ed. Week
06/01/2001 Closing the Gap One School at a Time Ed. Letter Sadowski, Michael
04/27/2001 Needed: A New Educational Civil Rights Movement PDK Clinchy, Evans
01/26/2001 Interview with Harold Hodgkinson: Demographics -- Ignore Them at Your Peril PDK Goldberg, Mark F.
10/27/2000 What Do Test Scores in Texas Tell Us? EPAA Klein, Stephen P., Hamilton, Laura S., McCaffrey, Daniel F., Stecher, Brian M.
10/20/2000 Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards: A Guide for Teaching Learning NAS Olson, Steve, Loucks-Horsley, Susan
09/28/2000 Influence of Scale on School Performance: A Multi Level Extension of the Matthew Principal EPAA Bickel, Robert, Howley, Craig
09/22/2000 Technology and School Reform: A View from Both Sides of the Tracks EPAA Warschauer, Mark
08/25/2000 Including At-Risk Students in Standards-Based Reform McREL Gay, Geneva, McCollum, Pat, McIver, Douglas, Balfanz, Robert
08/18/2000 Beliefs That Block Equity book excerpt Love, Nancy
06/30/2000 Condition of Education 2000 NCES Wirt, John G.
06/30/2000 Condition of Education 2000: Section 2: Learner Outcomes NCES Wirt, John G.
06/30/2000 Condition of Education 2000: Section 4: Quality Of Elementary And Secondary Educational Environments NCES Wirt, John G.
03/31/2000 Hope for Urban Education: A Study of Nine High-Performing, High-Poverty, Urban Elementary Schools ED Online U.S. Department of Education
02/18/2000 Quality Counts 2000 Ed. Week Education Week
01/14/2000 Big Isn't Always Bad: School District Size, Poverty, and Standards-Based Reform U.S. DOE Hannaway, Jane
10/15/1999 Regional Education Labs Annual Report REL Regional Education Labs
09/24/1999 What Does It Take to Reform a Low-Performing School? ED Online Talley, Susan
07/16/1999 Reforming Elementary Science Education in Urban Districts: Reflections on a Conference in Inverness, California Inverness Res. St. John, Mark, Century, Jeanne Rose, Tibbitts, Felisa, Heenan, Barbara
05/21/1999 Teacher Knowledge That Benefits All Children book excerpt Mendiola, Roy, Valadez, Jerry
05/14/1999 Human Cost of Over-Reliance on Tests Ed. Letter Steinberg, Adria
03/26/1999 Internet Access in Public Schools & Classrooms: 1994-1998 NCES Rowand, Cassandra
10/01/1998 Canary in the Mine: The Achievement Gap Between Black and White Students ED Online Singham, Mano
09/17/1998 America's Next Achievement Test: Closing the Black-White Test Score Gap Am. Prospect Jencks, Christopher, Phillips, Meredith
06/25/1998 Clues from the Classroom: Evidence of our Progress AAAS Century, Jeanne Rose, St. John, Mark
06/18/1998 Critical Issues in Technology NCREL North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
06/04/1998 Technology and Education Reform SRI SRI International