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07/04/2005 Commitment to America's Future; Responding to the Crisis in Mathematics & Science Education Business-Higher Education Forum
06/02/2005 Holding High Hopes: How High Schools Respond to State Accountability Policies CPRE Policy Brief Goertz, Margaret E., Massell, Diane
03/31/2004 Analyzing Instructional Content and Practices Science Teacher Blank, Rolf, Hill, Stan
03/19/2004 Standards and Tests: Keeping Them Aligned Research Points Olsen, Lynn
04/24/2003 Standards and Assessments: Where We Are and What We Need TCR Darling-Hammond, Linda
10/18/2002 Teaching to the Test – The Good, the Bad, and Who’s Responsible CEP Kober, Nancy
09/12/2002 Expecting Success: A Study of Five High Performing, High Poverty Schools CCSSO Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)
04/11/2002 Forum Bemoans Gap Between Standards and Classroom Ed. Week Olson, Lynn
01/25/2002 Performance Pay for Teachers: The Standards Movement's Last Stand? PDK Holt, Maurice
01/04/2002 Choosing Content That's Worth Knowing ASCD Nelson, George D.
01/04/2002 Information Technology and the Goals of Standards-Based Instruction: Advances and Continuing Challenges EPAA Archbald, Douglas A.
11/16/2001 Curricular Controversy in the Math Wars: A Battle Without Winners PDK Reys, Robert E.
11/16/2001 Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum Materials: A Phrase in Search of a Definition PDK Trafton, Paul R., Reys, Barbara J., Wasman, Deanna G.
09/21/2001 Students with Disabilities in Standards-based Assessment and Accountability Systems: Emerging Issues, Strategies, and Recommendations (Synthesis Report 37) NCEO Quenemoen, Rachel F., Lehr, Camilla A., Thurlow, Martha L., Massanari, Carol B.
08/30/2001 Electronic Principles and Standards for School Mathematics NCTM NCTM
06/22/2001 Comparing the Education Bills Ed. Week Education Week
06/01/2001 Interview with Marilyn Burns. Meeting the Standards-Don't Try to Do It All By Yourself ENC Herrera, Terese
03/16/2001 Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me!' The Anatomy And Politics Of Inquiry Inverness Res. St. John, Mark
01/19/2001 Authentic Standards Movement and Its Evil Twin PDK Thompson, Scott
01/12/2001 Quality Counts 2001: A Better Balance Ed. Week Education Week
11/17/2000 Case Against Tougher Standards Kohn, Alfie
10/27/2000 Standards Under Fire: Issues and Options in the Math Wars Show-Me Proj. Fey, James
09/08/2000 Teacher Survey of Standards-based Instruction: Addressing Time McREL Florian, J.
08/25/2000 Including At-Risk Students in Standards-Based Reform McREL Gay, Geneva, McCollum, Pat, McIver, Douglas, Balfanz, Robert
08/11/2000 Implementing the National Science Education Standards Science Teach. Loucks-Horsley, Susan, Bybee, Rodger W.
08/11/2000 Professional Development of Teachers Teaching to the Standards conf. present. Loucks-Horsely, Susan
07/14/2000 Performance Assessment and the New Standards Project: A Story of Serendipitous Success PDK Spalding, Elizabeth
05/19/2000 Standards Juggernaut PDK Brady, Marion
05/12/2000 High Standards for Whom? PDK Gratz, Donald B.
04/21/2000 Revised Mathematics Standards Provide More Guidance Ed. Week Boser, Ulrich
03/03/2000 What Do We Mean by Results? Charting the Course of Student Growth Ed. Leadership Wolf, Dennie Palmer, White, Ann Marie
02/18/2000 Standards for Standards-Based Accountability Systems PDK Sirotnik, Kenneth, Kimball, Kathy
02/04/2000 Making Standards Matter 1999 AFT American Federation of Teachers
01/13/2000 Inside the Black Box: Raising Standards PDK Black, Paul, Wiliam, Dylan
12/03/1999 Courage to Be Constructivist Ed. Leadership Brooks, Martin G., Grennon Brooks, Jacqueline
11/19/1999 Relationships Between Research and the NCTM Standards NCTM Hiebert, James
11/12/1999 Why Students Lose When 'Tougher Standards' Win Ed. Leadership O'Neil, John, Tell, Carol
10/15/1999 Regional Education Labs Annual Report REL Regional Education Labs
10/01/1999 Standards at Crossroads after Decade Ed. Week Hoff, David
09/24/1999 Confusing Harder With Better Ed. Week Kohn, Alfie
03/26/1999 Using Standards and Assessment: Realizing the Promise of Standards-Based Education Ed. Leadership Schmoker, Mike, Marzano, Robert J.
04/30/1998 State Mathematics Standards: An Appraisal of Math Standards in 46 States, the District of Columbia, and Japan Thomas B. Ford. Raimi, Ralph A., Braden, Lawrence S.
04/30/1998 State Science Standards: An Appraisal of Science Standards in 36 States Thomas B. Ford. Lerner, Lawrence S.
03/19/1998 Value-Added Side of Standards PDK Pipho, Chris